Saturday, February 24, 2007

Back from Tucson

Just returned from Tucson after taking a sun-break from the dreariness of the Northwest. Not that I don't love it here, you just need to feel some warm sun and soak up some D once in a while.

My cousin Beverly and her husband Andy, bookending us in front of a great steak house, were a welcome sight. It's been too many years since we last saw them. We visited two of my favorite potters in the world as well as Realtor friends that we know from Jim, my husband's, business. Two weeks went so very quickly!

We did a blitz check of the house market there and found a lovely place to escape to when the rain gets to us. To be able to go somewhere with special friends there too is icing on the cake.

The clay scene is well-established with many choices of work areas and markets. There exists there a fine appreciation of the potter's art and I will look forward to working there.

We returned home only to find that the electrical work we had done resulted in no water in the house (we learned this only after we had emptied the storage tank) so a call to the electritian was the priority this morning. Everything is working now, thank heavens, and life can get back to normal. We are looking at a very busy end of the month as well as a full March, so it's good that these kinds of problems can get taken care of in a hurry.

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