Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thinking time

It's nearing the end of March and it seems as though I'm walking through mud. Other things have eaten up my studio time---mostly the need to attend to the "Everyday". When you must concentrate on "Everyday", it steals your time and your mind from creative dreaming....... Sometimes I jot down notes to myself. Something will trigger a new idea. Like "Think about pots that have sculpted feather forms for handles." Or I'll make a sketch of a new idea for a jar and lid form.

I have to do this immediately because it is as if I have two minds: The Studio Mind and the Everyday Mind. When I'm in my studio, nothing else exists. I pick up right where I left off and continue to work on whatever I left there in progress. Forget House, Errands, Dinner, What-I-Need-To-Do....Time dissolves. When I'm away from the studio and a fleeting idea comes, I must make some kind of note or it will be gone; swamped by the Everyday.

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