Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Small Bowl

This small bowl looks much better in reality than in photos. I've nicknamed it 'graceful'. I love the curvy shape. This bowl is relatively small--about 6 inches at it's widest.

The black accent is intended to be a foil for the elongated shape opposite. The next step might be to, instead of applying this element, to carve out a 'keyhole' for balance. I'm absolutely fasinated with form and love to play with it. Can't do it too much in clay, though. Especially porcelain. It will 'dig in' and say, "Whoa! Enough! I quit!"

Photographing this piece is a real headache. Something happens when a round object gets translated into a flat image by a camera lens. There's a very subtle distortion going on.

But that's the subject of a whole other discussion.

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