Saturday, February 2, 2008

Robot Jag, part Deux

Transfered drawings onto black underglazed greenware terracotta tiles by using scraffito with a fine needle tool. Boy, my hand is tired. I drew the robots using a soft-leaded pencil then scratched out the lines.

I have no idea if they are wide enough. I'm assuming the underglaze will stay put in a bisque kiln, then I can glaze the tiles with a transparent glaze.

These are definitely old-fashioned robots; not like the modern Japanese influenced transformer like models. They're more R2 D2 than C3po. I think I like the little fireplug, pressure tank guys.

I really like the toy-like look of the robots combined with the rather menicing dial-eyes.

All the tiles will fire to a deeper black. They appear a bit 'dusty' in the green stage because of the residual terra cotta dust left on the underglaze after carving the designs out.

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