Saturday, February 2, 2008

Woo Hoo! 500 Tiles

One of my tiles was selected for 500 Tiles by Lark Publications!

I got my comp copy a week or so ago.

The book is wonderful. Such an amazing variety of work. It's an inspirational index. No excuses about getting stumped about what to make; just open this book and get inspired.

I'm humbled by the incredible variety and skill of the work. It's a winner.


When I sent in the photo, I submitted 3 pieces - all of sea life - Didn't even think about taking a shot of them all together as some entries did.

**insert slap up the side of own head**

And did I think of the tile I wrote earlier about (November 2007) for the back of the standing mirror? Duh

**insert kick up the backside** Silly Attention-Deficit me.

I do it to myself. It's like, "Okay, worked that one out and made it. NEXT!" I promptly forget and go right on to the next thing.
Thank God for cameras.

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chaetoons said...

Congratulations! Great news about Lark Publication's selection of your tile to include in "500 Tiles".
Great achievement !!!