Sunday, October 19, 2008

Funny Old Glaze

Would you believe these two pieces were fired using the same glaze?

Here's the whole story.

This is a glaze I purchased from Seattle Pottery called "Moss Brown."

When I first used it on the oval-bottomed baker, I first ran it through a Talisman sieve that removed rather large granulated sandy sludge. I was concerned when that happened that if I left it in the glaze, it wouldn't melt and I'd get a rough textured result. I was experimenting with varying the layers of glaze and was rather liberal with pouring and sloshing. (I like to glaze listening to Queen.)

Anyway, since practically everything I do is an experiment, I thought, "What the heck. Let's see what happens."

I liked the result.

Much later, I ran across the saved sludge in a container labeled "Sludge" and the next time I used this glaze, I added the stuff back into the mix.

The result was the round, very large dish shown at the top. It has a lovely matt, slightly textured surface. I wouldn't use it for baking, the glaze is too open, but it looks great on the table.

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