Monday, October 13, 2008

Two Lamps

While I was making the teapots, I also experimented with making lamps.

I have this large rolled oats cylinder in the 'forms box' that has been covered with a pair of old pantie hose. The hose make a barrier that protects the paper of the container and is flexible enough to allow the clay cylinder to slip off the form.

The pantie hose also provide something to grab onto to pull the form out after the clay has shrunk a bit and stiffened up.

After I got the clay slab rolled onto the form and sealed the seam, I began to cut long slices of clay and roll them up into swirls. I scraffitoed the form clay, dampened it and attached the swirlies big and small, all around the form. Then I rolled them out to blur the shapes, sealing them onto the clay cylinder.

After the clay became a bit softer than leather hard, I used a hole cutter to create the opening for the electrical cord. Then I placed the form onto a slab of clay that was also a bit stiffened and cut out the bottom of the lamp form. That was sealed on.

I haven't decided whether I want to throw a second base for the bottom, find a wooden base or just leave the lamp as it is.

That problem will solve itself after I've gotten a bit further.

I've thrown two top lids: One fits inside the lamp form; the other will rest a bit over the form. After they set up, I drilled an access hole in the center top for running the cord into the lamp body, bolting on the harp and snugging up the connections.

I want the lamp to come apart at the top so that it can be assembled easily. I'll probably just tack the lid on with museum gel or some kind of reversible adhesive.

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Patricia Griffin said...

Very clever! Look forward to seeing the finished lamps. Hope you post pics!