Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Leonardo da Vinci must have been a lot of laughs.

I read once that he loved to rig up mice and small animals in costumes or tiny kinetic harnesses. Can you imagine a mouse with working wings?

Now just how cute could that be?

Did you know he made automatons and a robot? A Google search will turn up lots of U-tubes of antique models and a museum of Leonardo's models .

He made a life-sized lion that walked into the room, sat on it's hind legs, reared up and his chest opened up to reveal lilies. It delighted the King of France, but it also probably cleared the room.

And speaking of rooms, he figured out a way to make a whole room explode in a ball of fire (without destroying anything--I'm assuming it was minus the furniture at the time).

He atomized a propellant into the sealed room and rigged up a sparking device--probably attached to the door.

Good thing most of the building were stone.

I'd be impressed.

Below: His drawing of an explosion.

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