Sunday, December 21, 2008

Woo Hoo! Nice New Year's Gift


Let's start the new year right!

Got notice that my photo was accepted for the new Potter's Council calendar.

My pot is the Miss January.

Here's the link to order: The calendars are $19.00 and some each. There are two calendars available.

The Potter's Council is a group of volunteers that organize and provide professional level workshops in various areas around the country for artists. They also offer discount subscriptions and other benefits through their auspices. You can find their web page at: or google potters council. Ceramic Arts Daily is the home of Pottery Illustrated Magazine.

You've seen this pot before. And, true to style, I don't own it anymore. It was sold last year through a gallery and I've let the gallery owner know that it will be published (I still hold the rights to the image.) I want her to let the owner know.

The front cover of the calendar is a masterful job of layout. It's beautifully balanced to move your eye around the images. I learned this lesson from my mom many years ago about how to make images with extensions to point inward; to weight and balance them on the page and how to use color.

Great Job, Potter's Council print people.

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Patricia Griffin said...

congrats! That's a big deal!