Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life's Little Irritations

Since I've been nailed to the couch hacking my brains out for a while, I've been bereft of quality entertainment like sitting in a lawn chair listening to golfers cuss, (the house is on a golf course--is there a house in Arizona NOT on a golf course?)

So, I've been restricted to watching TV. And, not feeling so well to boot, my irritation level has developed a trigger switch. Consequently, my sights have rested on weathermen, or "Weather Presenters", "Meteorologists" as they like to call themselves these days. And maybe they are meteorologists, but grammarians, they ain't.

Like Zeus, they take possession of the weather as if they have some control over it. "We're going to bring the temperature down to the lower 30's tonight." or "We'll be bringing in the damp air from an off-shore flow."
..........It seems to be a confusion between the actual weather and their visual toys.

AND who decided weather men should yell at you and act like buffoons? Feh!

It's the Weather, for pete's sake.

I used to be so amused at the British weather reports. Very low key. Very brief.

I mean, predict the weather in Britain? Britain? sitting up there above Europe? Adrift in the north sea? Riddled by mountain ranges? Hah

So, it would go something like this:
"It might be a bit breezy today and overcast with some sun-breaks and rain here and there."

No barometric pressure, dew point, isobar map, Doppler radar.

You could walk out the back door, sniff the air, squint at the sky and come up with an about the same thing.
No yelling. No fuss.

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