Monday, January 26, 2009


"Under the weather" would not describe it--more like "In a subterranean toilet" would be a better description of how I've felt for the past oh, 6-7 days.

It started with sneezing like a AK-47, then runny eyes and sinuses, morphing into a hacking cough that got nowhere, on to face-and-ear-aches which became full blown body aches and muscle spasms. A low fever developed and hung around for days. Appetite went out the window and I had to remember to drink liquids. Even tea tasted awful.

The next assault was a head that seemed to inflate and hurt every time I coughed which led to a burning, aching throat and the feeling that my sinuses had been peeled. I wanted to be able to reach down my throat and scratch my lungs. My whole upper body was sore from coughing.

After spending my days on the couch watching a marathon House Hunting Overseas and my evenings laying in a scalding tub with the bottom of my nose swabbed with Tiger Balm, I decided to break out the antibiotics I had been hoarding for something else. (since the low-grade fever was still hanging around.)

I will confess to my doctor of my sins when we return home, but drastic circumstances call for drastic measures, as they say. Better risk a doctor's scowl than pneumonia, I figure.


A wan, weak wave from me, finally vertical again and looking at climbing Everest to get to the grocery store and lay in some fresh veggies and fruit to go with my chicken soup.


Jerry said...

Healing thoughts coming your way!

clayartist said...

Thanks, Jerry.

Appreciate that.

Sister Creek Potter said...

I do hope you've recovered by now. Sorry you've been down and out. Gay

clayartist said...

Thanks, Gay,
Guess I'm on the mend---at least to the point of being able to make a fighting gesture. (See above)