Monday, June 29, 2009

Blown Away

The first time I saw an Andrew Wyeth painting, I wanted to go home and throw away all my paints and just hang it up.

I knew I could never paint that well.

And to make it even worse, the show combined TWO masters: Wyeth and Winslow Homer. It was equal to two body blows.......but to the mind.

It was a wonderful show; one that you could walk right up to the paintings and nearly stick your nose into it. No guards to speak to you, no alarms going off. Everything was covered with protective glass, of course, but these days, you cannot get that close to a painting, unfortunately.

Anyway, I just discovered a sculptor whose work has had a similar effect on me. Her name is Tricia Cline.

I found her work through an incredibly deep art/museum site called The Curated Object. Ever so often I return to this page to mine it a bit more. Wandering through the indexes is always intriguing.

Not only is Tricia Cline an accomplished artist she is Self-Taught. So forget about a long string of art schools, degree initials, and everything else recommended to assure artists their worthiness to exhibit.

Just take a look.

Her website is:

Curated Object:


tsbroome said...

I know what you mean about Andrew Wyeth. I saw a show of his work in Greenville SC when I was in High School and it blew me away. thanks for the links, these are new for me.

Patricia Griffin said...

I went to Tricia's website. OMG. Incredible. Thanks for sharing.

tsbroome said...

I know, I shared her website with some frines and they had the same reaction. Brilliant work!