Friday, June 5, 2009

Brent Kickwheel

This Brent kickwheel is in my studio, eating up space that I need.

The one pictured is a nice, natural wood-colored one; the one I've got is red, blue, green --like a child's toy colors. (I try not to look at it.)

A lady who was moving to China wanted me to sell it and I said 'okay'. Why do I say 'okay'? I'll send whatever I get for it to charity.


It's a nice wheel. ( There's a larger wheelhead on the one I have.) I've used it for trimming and it has a really good feel. Very sensitive and well-balanced. The flywheel is made of two large plywood discs with an open space between to insert regular building bricks. You could move them around if you felt the wheel wasn't balanced, but the wheel gives an even spin.
The whole thing comes apart and breaks down for easy moving, but re-attaching the wheelhead and the balance wheel is a bear. I'd recommend moving it in toto.

I have it posted on Craig's List for $100.00, so if any of you are in the NW corner of the NW ie Western Pinninsula of Washington near Seattle and need a wheel, send me a comment and we can arrange a deal.

P.S. I also have a 4 harness full-sized folding loom in my storage building.

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