Thursday, June 4, 2009

Don't Let This Happen to You

Some years ago, I tried wrapping a small jar with copper wire.

I dutifully placed the piece on a set tile to guard against any drips on the kiln shelf. I used very thin wire.......This came out of the kiln.

I loved the result of the wire melt. Fortunately, it didn't drip too much and there was no sticking to the shelf.


I couldn't get the lid off.

I tapped.

I sawed.

I even bought a Dremel diamond bit. But to no avail.

It makes a nice paperweight. Or doorstop.

I must try it again, but the next time, design a catchment for the copper pooling.

Of course, if you ever wanted to seal something up permanently, this would be just the ticket.


Anonymous said...

good idea for a funerary urn

clayartist said...

Yes, I thought of that too. I think you could put the ashes inside, then ring the rim of the lid with copper wire and fire it at a low temp. Whatever is the melting point of copper--just enough to seal it.