Monday, April 5, 2010

Arfs and Crafts 2010

Arfs and Crafts will be coming up.

The show opens at The Art Stop, Tacoma, WA on April 15th.

Artists from all over the area make and contribute pieces for sale to support the Prison Pet Partnership Program and Assistance Dog Club of Puget Sound.

Dogs are rescued from animal shelters around the Northwest and taken to be trained as service and assist dogs by inmates of the Purdy WA Women's Correctional Institute. The trainers are inmates who have worked hard to earn the position. Under supervision of professionals, these inmates care for the dogs and train them for their future lives.

The Prudy program has received national acclaim and was featured on a 1997 PBS documentary on service dogs. To date, only one of the many women who have finished their sentences and participated successfully in this program has returned to prison.

The focus of the show is pet dishes, functional, fanciful, funky and fun. Past entries range from the practical to cast bronze sculptures of dogs.

There have even been soup bowls and plates for pet owners.

The show opens during the Third Thrusday Artwalk, April 15th. Artwork will be sold at silent auction through Saturday, April 17th.

The Art Stop is located at 940 Broadway, Tacoma, WA 98402.


Debra Healy said...

Greetings from Paris!
I love the idea for this show.
"I'll have what your having" that is good. There are so many up-scale pet boutiques in America.
We really miss our beloved dog.
Speaking of Arts and Crafts
Did you read A.S.Byatt's "The Childrens Book"? It is the first Novel where Arts and Crafts Crafts, men and women are central characters in fiction--along with the The social and Artistic movements of their time, the end of the 19th Century. It is a bit sad, but very interesting. I am preparing an illustrated blog post about this book. On
Cheers, Debra

clayartist said...

Looking forward to reading it, as I do all your posts.

I think the next bowl will be an illustration of a dog with a visible brain space that is filled with, "Now, Now, Now, Now, Now"

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