Friday, April 2, 2010

White Pear Salt Shaker - How it works

Interesting glaze experiment. The stem is underglaze black. the top 1/3 is transparent glaze. The bottom 2/3rds is Coyote Creamy Matt.

Very subtle.

I applied small points of black for interest.

It's not quite there yet, but getting close.

View of the bottom.

It was waxed for firing, but I set it on a stilt anyway because I wasn't sure how stable the Creamy Matt would be.

You can see the funnel for the salt that leads to the internal cavity.

The salt comes out through the tiny hole at the top of the cone shape.

This is how the shaker works:

A cutaway view of the hollow pear showing it with salt inside.

The thing in the center is like a funnel.

To fill an empty pear with salt, turn it over and pour the salt into the bottom funnel.

The salt all goes into the top of the pear.

After no more salt will go in, gently turn the pear over. All the salt will fall to the bottom around the funnel.

The salt comes out when the pear is shaken straight up and down.

The salt flies up into the top of the pear shape, then falls back down into the bottom section with some of it falling through the hole at the top of the funnel.


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Linda Starr said...

What a beautiful pear shaker. I like how you combined three different types of glazing techniques to make the whole pear and especially the inclusion of the black dots. I never would have thought to make combinations like that and this has given me a whole new way to look at glazing techniques, thanks.