Friday, September 3, 2010


A web search has turned up these examples of frogs:

I think this is the 1940s-1960s style pansy frog discussed in the comments of the previous post.

And lo and behold, I found the two part arrangement I didn't know existed that my
little green pot should go in.

A couple of weirdies showed up:

These decorations were made up of components that could be arranged in many different ways in included small sweetmeat dishes, candle sticks, small sculptures, flower holders.

Meissen, Wedgwood, Serves, and other tableware manufacturers made them for royalty, nobility landed gentry for palaces and stately homes.

I scoured my books on porcelain and couldn't find an example of the elaborate banquet table garnitures used during the Regency, Baroque, Empire and Victorian periods, but here's an idea of the style from a silver centerpiece example.

Why not make a modern version of a table garniture now? An arrangement of tiles that would serve as trivets for hot dishes. A porcelain centerpiece and sculpture piece? An arrangement for a special dinner like curry with all the condiment dishes in an interlocking arrangement?

Food for thought. Pun Pardon Requested

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