Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why is it? (Fits and Starts)

Why is it that at some times, you can waltz out to your studio, wire off an 8 lb. chunk of clay, sit down and throw a 14 inch platter with no trouble at all?

And other times, you can't get anything to work.

Or worse yet, can't think of anything you want to make.

Or you can look at a piece of greenware and see several versions of glaze application and yet, at other times, you let the piece sit on the shelf gathering dust and can't think of a single way to decorate it?

Lately, I've been zipping off platters like there's no tomorrow and last night, just before going to sleep, I came up with several variations for underglaze.


Ann said...

Or my current problem...1000 ideas and not enough time to work on them? That pesky day job...

Clay and Fiber Artist said...

That used to bug me too. I would get so frustrated. Ah the perversity of creativity!

It helped a bit to make a promise to myself to do something, Something art-related every day. Even if it was just make sketches during my lunch. I took clay books to read on breaks or reserved a bit of my brain to work on ideas when I was doing anything boring and repetitive

It did help.

Joseph Travis said...

Other artists refer to it as artists block...

So Potters Block Maybe?

Clay and Fiber Artist said...

Or maybe potter's blob.