Sunday, October 14, 2012

Experimental Lids

I am fascinated with lid design--thinking past the usual knob.  

This is a medium sized jar with an experimental handle and is just as easy to grasp as a knob, if not more convenient.

In this case, the idea might even be expanded to a lid/scoop design. But in order to do this, the base of the jar would have to be more straight sided to make room for a scoop to work. (Both the top and bottom would have to be designed to work together.)

So other forms should be considered. 

A bar works. 

Or reverse your thinking and consider a finger hole recessed into a built-up lid with a sealing solid base below the finger-space.  I've made these, although I don't have one to photograph at the moment. 

Or something that locks down with another element; a working two-part lid design.   

Another brain-teaser is figuring out how to make a screw-top lid-- Just a simple, run of the mill, screw-top jar like the ones you have around the house--from the cabinet or refrigerator. 

David Hendley ( wrote a thesis about making a tap and die for these lids. Go to the tab "Writings and Publications" to purchase a copy. He discusses tap and dies and includes pictures of an aluminum tap and die set once produced by Bluebird, but these are not currently available.* 

 Just thinking about it puts my brain in a twist.

*PS  If anyone has a Bluebird tap and die set for sale, please let me know.

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