Saturday, February 2, 2013

Washington Clay Association 2013 Calendar

Great Job on the 2013 WCA Calendar!

Bezalel, Chaim
Ben Levy, Yonnah
Bushnell, Judith
Buss, Mary Lynn
Chapman, Linda Collins
Conrow, Ginny
Cooper, Ann Marie
Dahl, Dirk
Daniels, Lee
Duarte, Liz
Feng, Anita
Freuen, Gina
Funderburgh, Eva
Gale, Diane
Garrity, Wanda
Gouthro, Carol
Grava, Damian
Harris, Jeanette
Holly, Lin
Lindsey, June
Lewing, Paul
Lobb, James
Lurie, Gale
Mander, Sandra
Moore, Allison
Newman, Eric
Roberts, Inge
Rodriguez, George'
Romm, Sharon
Sachar, Charan
Sauer, Steve
Schwartzkopf, Deb
Thompson, Susan

Copies will be available at Seattle Pottery Supply and at Clay Art Center in Tacoma.

P.S. My work is the black coffee pot in the upper right corner.

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