Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Small Bowls

I love bowls.

They are the earliest evidences of humans found in archaeology, made across multi cultures and ages.

I collect them.
I could eat every meal out of them.
I love making them.
I've sold a lot of them.
Everybody likes bowls.
I don't think they are appreciated enough.
Every bowl made by an artist has a personality of it's own.

No two bowls are alike, even if they are made as a set. And why should they? They are like siblings in a family: Related, but individuals--that's the best kind of set to have, to my mind.

Besides, slight variations make a set of bowls so much more interesting than identical ones, to my mind.

This was in a museum show. I still have it.

An experiment with terra cotta, applied lines on greenware and a clear glaze overall.  It is an homage to early bowls with round bottoms. Desert peoples had no use for foot rings.

This one belongs to someone somewhere.

I love to use bowls to test glazes. This one was to see what 3 glazes would do over/under each other.  I use this bowl a lot.

This was a test of various glazes over a white base glaze.  Still have this one too.

Not the best shot, but the only one I have of a "Glaze Room Floor" glaze I loved while it lasted.

Great Coyote glaze inside called Rhubarb. Really nice paired with the sage green.

Glaze test.

I like to use small bowls to test glazes. And why not? I get a much better read of how the glaze behaves and a good bowl to boot.

Probably should be making 2 bowls to test--I Could sell one and keep one, right?

This was fun. I call this series "You Tiga Now." after the funny commercial.  It's just two glazes, but look at what I got.

The "Viking Bowl" design. Love rimmed bowls, but they don't stack well in a cabinet. The Coyote light shino broke well on the rim, though. Great for sloppy eaters.

Ah, my throwing mistake. The rim ran away from me, but I loved it. I wish I still had this bowl, but it got dropped and is no more.

Painting with underglazes on greenware. This is porcelain so, with a clear glaze, it is a nice white.

Dog bowl.

The previous and these two were made for a charity sale to support guide dog training.

A joke gets old when it's in porcelain, but the dogs don't mind.

Huh, you wish.

                                                                                                   *This is a very tiny bowl. It's a joke too. Chicken or egg kinda thing.

Tiny bowls are great for saving a half tomato. Just turn it over and put it in the bowl.

Little bowls are great for sea salt, dipping sauce--anything extra on the table like garnish, spice or extra seasoning.

*I know I've posted this before. Sorry. I hate repetition. Can you guess?

This bowl holds about 1 cup. Perfect for tea or a small serving of anything.
This tiny bowl holds any small  tidbit. A handy thing to have in the cupboard. (Glaze Test)

This last bowl is one of my favorites. I use it a lot. This form stacks well in the cupboard too.

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