Saturday, July 20, 2013

Return to Semi-Normal

Well, sort of.......

Things are looking better.  I'm certainly getting acquainted with my household again. At least we can sleep in the house, I Can find towels, sheets, cooking utensils and dishes (although I'm still missing some of my everyday china. They're in a box somewhere......)

Of course, I very carefully packed away my ceramic works.  Guess what's important to me. heh

Soon, I will be able to reassemble my shelf units in the basement and unpack my pieces.

I was in town this morning to pick up a decorative life ring (couldn't find a real one small enough) to hang on the door of the house we have for sale. I had a Styrofoam blank that was just the right size, but wanted to find a ring to hang around the porthole set in the door.


We left the real marine supply store and were charging toward the brass nautical dealer's shop when we swerved into a new gallery en route. I loved all the great work inside and after talking to the owner, discovered he dealt with local artists only. I like that very much. So, I said I'd send him some jpegs of my work and came here, to my blog.

It wasn't until then I realized my work is not very well delineated or isolated within this blog. It's mixed in with other images as part of the discussion.

Also, my iPhoto files are giving me fits because they are so bloated. So,

I'm embarking on a project to try and show more of my work as groupings to relieve my image program files and define myself a bit more.

Some of the images have appeared before, but others have never been published.

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