Friday, May 9, 2014

Clay Frogs

I once made a frog of combination clay and metal similar to this one. The upper framework was in clay and held up well during the firing.

This cylinder shaped frog is a pretty standard frog design. Good and stable, weighty, no-nonsense frog.

Same goes for the rounded one. I like the taller form. Plenty of room for the water reservoir.

One like this could stand alone, but tiny feet are advised to keep dampness off the surface it would sit on. Or it would work in another clay piece.

The winner here is a beautiful oxblood glaze.

Nice pairing of bowl and frog here.

If the frog were made taller in this one, it would take on a whole different look.

I like the combination of flower stem holes and the sculptured surface, but I'm not so sure it would show if flowers were in the bowl.

Another example.

This is the real winner. Great proportion between the frog and bowl. It looks like the frog just landed in the middle of the bowl.

 The design would harmonize with any kind of flower.

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