Saturday, May 10, 2014

More Clay Frogs

Here are some more design ideas:

This is a pleasing little object. I'm not sure whether it is one or two pieces; I'm assuming two. Obviously it is made from a mold and designed for small-ish flowers. 

The idea of a frog with a matching stand is intriguing. I like this idea, but I would want to be able to get into the frog to clean it out.

The basket form is quite pleasing, but the insert is low. Maybe it is not a flower frog at all, but an old-fashioned soap dish.

In any case, it could be a frog with a taller insert. I would make one with either 4 legs and a large hole in the center for taking it out or one with a ring inside the vessel for the insert to rest on.

The next example is an ingenious for working flower holes into the design, By adding them into the lips on the sides of the vessel.

I think this example has a flat backside and the two holes there are to hang it on the wall as a wall pocket.

A completely different approach is to put the frogs holes and small vase shapes around the rim of a vessel.

A variation on this idea could be a tall donut shaped vessel that could be filled with water and that had taller 'flutes' for the flowers.

The last two examples are bowl shaped frogs. Quite pleasing to look at, but I would still want removable tops for cleaning.

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